Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade

Eco Maintenance Case Study

Eco Maintenance has been involved in all stages of the Panmure Main street upgrade, the last being Stage 3 completed in 2009.

As an Auckland City preferred contractor, Eco Maintenance worked as a subcontractor for the company who won the tender to install the new footpath layout, paving as well as new garden bed creation. We worked closely with the contractor, to ensure that garden implementation happened immediately after the installation of the new footpaths. This was convenient for the shopping centre and the shoppers, and reduced costs for the paving contractor as safety barriers were moved along the work area rather than being installed the entire way along.

Eco Maintenance was able to highlight areas where the landscape plan wouldn’t work in the street environment and flag this to the project manager. An example of this was where several large palms were on the plan to be positioned under shop awnings. We identified the problems early enough for the plant layout within the garden to fit the street environment and in doing so, saved a costly exercise in moving them at a later date.

After stage 1, we replaced the chosen plant species along the median strips with a hardier alternative, which performed much better and because of our expertise, the head contractor quickly got us involved with the plant choices for the remaining stages.

During each stage of the upgrade, Eco Maintenance worked quickly and tidily to ensure that main street disruption and pedestrians hazards were kept to a minimum. The large 400ltr, 5m Pohutukawa trees were lifted by crane into place in the central median strip. We utilised early morning starts to help reduce the impact on traffic flow. It was also more pleasant and healthy for our staff not be bent over planting at car exhaust level during peak traffic.

Eco Maintenance installed all the soil media, large palm and tree specimens, under-planting, mulching, and boulder placement. The most difficult was installing over 350m³ of topsoil into the 1.8metre deep central median strip. As the road was live throughout the project there was nowhere to stockpile large volumes of soil at the site, nor were we able to use a loader to back fill this area. Eco Maintenance utilised a specialised 3 way tipper truck, which was able to drive with the traffic flow, pull into the site area and tip the soil from the tipper, sideways into the void. Although many trips were needed to make up the entire volume required, the mess and disorder were minimal.

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Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade
Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade
Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade
Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade
Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade
Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade

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