Talbot Park

Eco Maintenance Case Study

Talbot Park was a Community Renewal Project for Housing New Zealand Corporation.

Eco Maintenance worked closely with the client and the landscape architects to overcome challenges and variations from the plan to the site, for example, discovering a concrete footing encroaching on an atrium garden space. Our resourceful team came up with alternative solution to this problem and changed the plant species from a deep rooting to a shallow rooting alternative.

Eco Maintenance was responsible for all the soft landscaping requirements, including the establishment of all the street rain gardens of the complex. These were some of the first to be installed in Auckland City. The gardens were installed to specification but the following winter it became evident that they were not working properly. Expert advice suggested that both the soil be lowered in the gardens and that the civic contractor raise the cess pit levels. This solved the problem and the gardens are now able to cope with the excess water during heavy rainfall. Plant selection was also revised at the time of soil lowering to a more hardy species.

As HNZ expected tenants to occupy their new homes immediately once the buildings were complete, we needed to be flexible with our schedules to fit in with other contractor delays. We had contingency plans in place to adjust scheduled plantings without the need for additional resources to complete each landscaping section on or before schedule.

This site was ‘live’ throughout the project, as tenants moved into their new homes during or just after landscaping was complete. Staff were careful to work in a manner that was as unobtrusive as possible, ensuring they parked their trucks further away to enable the tenants access and leaving the site clean and tidy at the end of each day. The tenants were able to come and go with ease and would often stop by to admire the changes happening in their environment.

Long term maintenance was to be provided by a resident of Talbot Park. Although very keen she had no background experience or formal training, so we worked with her to pass on maintenance tips and made up a plant identification list with photos for ease of use and individual maintenance tips for each plant species.

“Eco Maintenance was always prepared and able to quickly respond to any client changes to the brief. I look forward to working with Eco Maintenance again on future HNZC projects”

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Talbot Park

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