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We understand you, we understand your business, we appreciate and respect your drivers and we have molded our business and our business to fit. The key advantages that you will receive by choosing Eco Maintenance as your service provider are:

A skilled, experienced high performing team

Eco Maintenance has an excellent understanding and track record of delivering open space amenities and facilities maintenance services. We have a thorough understanding of the unique drivers of our client base and how we can work with you to support you in reaching your goals.

We consistently meet client performance measures and can demonstrate many cases of exceptional value for money. We are flexible to your changing needs and have the ability to just ‘get on with it’ with no fuss.

We continuously improve the levels of service we offer demonstrated by continued long-term contracts and the many compliments and letters of appreciation we receive.

Leading edge equipment and environmentally responsible methods for service provision

We have a large pool of plant and equipment, some designed and custom built for specific client functions. A key benefit of Eco Maintenance is that we focus on using plant and equipment that is environmentally responsible. Sustainability is a key business priority for us, kept in mind in all facets of our business.

Innovative approach

As a company, we put major efforts into researching international best practice methods, plant and equipment available within our industry, as well as developing our own intelligent solutions to contract specific issues and challenges.

Often our innovative practices implemented to benefit our clients, have later then been adopted as standard practice by our peers.

Cost effective, No Surprises

We believe in a straightforward approach to financial management. We understand our business and our market. We focus on what we are good at and our core functions and principles. By understanding our business, we know the true costs of delivering these services and can do this for a fair and reasonable price.

We quote correctly up front, aim to remove duplication, actively seek economies of scale and eliminate other forms of waste in order to enhance the value package offered to our customers.

We deliver a service which is efficient, cost-effective and of high quality.

Compliance and Accreditation

We have excellent Business Management systems incorporating Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental. Strong systems have always been a key focus for us in helping us achieve our contract outcomes.

We are ISO9001 certified, we hold both ISO14001 and Diamond Enviro-mark environmental accreditations and have tertiary level ACC certification. We are a recognised Health & Safety partner with Manukau City Council and have approved Health & Safety systems with all contractual clients.


Case Studies

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Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade

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Talbot Park

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