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Sub Contracting Opportunities

Contact UsAs a well recognised service provider in the facilities and open space amenities maintenance market, we have established long standing collaborative relationships with a variety of clients and suppliers.

We provide any element of our core services as subcontracting options and currently do this for key contractors in the Road, Construction, Managed Services, Parks and Facilities Management industries.

Our core services often complement the detailed services required in development or construction projects, and including Eco Maintenance as a part of your project, will add another layer of confidence to your clients in your ability to deliver well on a contract.

We can deliver ongoing services as part of a larger contract, such as channel sweeping and vegetation control for a road maintenance contract; or elements of a large project such as the re-vegetation for the massive Grafton Gully and Khyber Pass motorway overhaul.

In ensuring that our excellent track record is up-held, we align ourselves with other contractors and service providers who also have proven long standing relationships, well developed policies, stringent Health & Safety practices and a commitment to sustainable practices.


Case Studies

Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade

Panmure Mainstreet Upgrade

Eco Maintenance worked as a subcontractor for the company who won the tender to install the new footpath layout, paving... Read more

Talbot Park

Talbot Park

Eco Maintenance was responsible for all the soft landscaping requirements, including the establishment of all the... Read more

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