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Eco Maintenance’s core business is to improve the environments of its clients. It does this through providing exceptional services in facilities and open spaces maintenance and improvement.

Enviro-mark LogoWe are committed to ensuring our methods and equipment support environmentally responsible and sustainable outcomes for our clients, both while carrying out our contracts and for the long-term benefit of the communities we work in.

We recognise that sound environmental practices are key not only to the nature of our work, but to the health and wellbeing of our present and future communities. Environmental considerations and practices are part of our everyday work environment.

Commitment to a sustainable future, implementing sustainable practices and being committed to preserving our environment are no longer just a ‘pie in the sky’ nice thing to add at the back of your portfolio. They are essential to continued business, the well-being of our vibrant communities, and the preservation of our planet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISO 14001_GREEN telarc - Copy.jpg

We currently are Diamond level certified under Enviro-Mark and ISO 14001 accreditated.


The successful involvement of all employees in the identification of the environmental aspects of activities is to be commended. This rarely happens when an environmental system is first being developed.
Mike Farrier,
Consultant auditor to Landcare Research

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